Want to Start a Home Based Business?

Well it’s definitely not our parent’s business world anymore. Gone are the days where you could find a nice, stable employer who would let you work your way to the top, not have to worry about being laid off “at the drop of a hat”, and stay there until retirement 30 years later.These days’ people are just happy to be employed at any company that gives them a paycheck and benefits. AND you better not take it for granted because it might not be there tomorrow. All this uncertainty and anxiety has led the way for people to start taking control of their own life and venture out to the world of the home based business. It is no wonder that more than half of all small businesses today are based at home. Just take a look at some of the crazy statistics that spell it out better than ever.One of the major factors in this phenomenal swing in business is the declining economy. From April 2008 to January 2009 the unemployment rate doubled across America and was 9.7% by the end of 2009. The bad economy can also be blamed for devastating the housing market too. As unbelievable as it sounds, nearly 3 million households received foreclosure notices in 2009. It’s no wonder America is determined to take matters in their own hands by starting a home based business and be their own boss. These financial hardships have led many people to search for ways to make money and work from home.The possibilities for home based business opportunities are endless. Owners, part time entrepreneurs and work from home moms are just some of the people discovering that you can sell products or services from the comfort of your own home. It is also possible to combine your business with online marketing and advertising on the internet to further increase your potential earnings.Even though you can make a substantial income from a home based business, the hard part starts before you ever make your first $. I am talking about finding the right business to begin with… Before you can cash those checks, you have to make sure you actually choose a viable business option. That is why I have compiled a list of helpful tips to help pick the most profitable opportunity for you.TIP #1 – Do a Thorough Self Evaluation – Think about what interests you and the goals you want to attain. You want to choose a business that you will be passionate about and a product you believe in.TIP #2 – Decide whether you want a traditional business or something that will create residual income. There are many different options for both types of home based businesses.TIP #3 – If something sounds too good to be true – it probably is. “Don’t take their word for it”. Talk to other people already in the business and be sure to do your due diligence on the company itself.TIP #4 – Check out the competition to see how your product fairs in the market place. You don’t want to have the “2nd best” product to offer.TIP #5 – Make sure the business you choose offers support and ongoing training. Try to find a mentor or coach who “has been there – done that”. You will move forward much quicker if you know what doesn’t work.Most of all – have fun! It will be a lot of work and long hours, but the reward is far greater! Good Luck!

5 Common Traits Of Successful Business Owners

In this article we will take a look at five common traits that successful business owners have. The reason why I want to explore this subject is simply because, by understanding what they are, your chances of success in business will greatly increase.Let’s get started.Common Business Trait Number 1 – CreativityAlthough not all successful business owners are creative thinkers, many of the world’s leading authorities in business are. From Richard Branson through to Walt Disney, these exceptionally creative entrepreneurs have achieved amazing levels of business success. In terms of being creative, you either are, or you are not. Whilst creativity can be taught, it is prevalent from birth in many leading business men and women.Common Business Trait Number 2 – No Fear of Risk or FailureI have spoken to many people who say that they want to start a business, but are worried about failure. I think this is such a shame because I strongly believe if you take the plunge, the safety net will always appear. We are extremely adaptable as human beings and generally always manage to find our way to safety. The same applies in business; if you have the entrepreneurial urge, don’t fight it. I gave up a solid career in the Fire Service and a salary of £50,000 per year to follow my business dream, and it paid off.Common Business Trait Number 3 – PerseveranceThis has to be my favourite word. I always find that If I work hard and don’t give in, success will always follow. Yes, I have to work hard and push myself in business, but if I do, I know I will be successful. Look at this way, if you throw lots of spaghetti at the wall, some will stick! The same rule applies in business; if you keep trying and don’t give in, you will be successful.Common Business Trait Number 4 – ShrewdnessThe most successful business owners I know are tight with their money! I know one person (a friend) in particular who has made millions from business, but has yet to buy me a drink. Personally, I don;t like to operate like that, but there is certainly something in that way of operating that we can all learn from. The most successful business owners, no matter how wealthy they become, always watch the pennies.Common Business Trait Number 5 – Stick to What You Are Good AtAgain, the most successful business owners I have come across have excelled in an area that you know. Personally, I made my money through careers. I am good at careers and good at helping people to find work; therefore, that is the first business I chose. It worked for me and it will work for you – stick to what you are good at!If you follow the above important business tips then you will always succeed.